Giant Outdoor Desk Lamp

If you have watched any Pixar animated film, you have seen an iconic piece of home décor. The famous style of lamp is created by Angelpoise. The British company, started by George Carwardine, has been making stylish and reliable lamps for homes the world over since the 1930’s. In 2005, Angelpoise created a giant floor lamp for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, while staying true to their classic look. The Original Giant 1227™ Outdoor lamp collection brings the necessary scale and interesting appeal to your outdoor space. Available as either a floor lamp or an articulated wall-mounted lamp, the Original Giant 1227™ will add function and character to your backyard. Angelpoise’s reputation for quality carries over to the Giant by scaling their durable system of cranks, springs, and levers to ensure a long-lasting product. The Original Giant 1277™ is engineered with marine-grade stainless steel fittings, a sealed light unit, and a durable silicone rubber cable. Coupled with the tried-and-true design of their other products, the Giant can be used and kept outdoors without worry of malfunction or destruction. The lamp is available in fifteen stock colours and offers the ability to request a custom colour for your order as well. The Original Giant 1227™ floor and wall-mounted lamps offer a unique look to your outdoor space. As one of the most iconic looks in lighting, the Giant will bring a breath of refreshing air to your gatherings and daily life. Designed with the utmost quality in mind, the Giant will also function excellently as a source of light. But let’s be honest, you want this exquisite piece of art to liven up your home. There is no way you or anybody else could see this lamp and not be taken aback, in a good way. Brighten your days and nights with the Original Giant 1227™.

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