Giant Birdsnest: Building a Nest in Your Home

The Giant Birdsnest is like a home within your home. It is an intimate space for you and your tasks, including reading, surfing the internet, working, or simply relaxing. This nature-inspired minimalist furniture piece was created by the architectural and design firm OGE CreativeGroup. Originally conceived by Merav Eltan and Gaston Zahr as a prototype for a novel kind of informal socializing space, the Birdsnest is meant to inspire creative people through design and comfort. Giant-Birdsnest-Building-a-Nest-in-Your-Home-02 The wooden nest is made from lacquered pinewood and is accentuated by egg-shaped poofs with over 14 colours to choose from. Each nest comes with 5, 8, 13 or 23 poofs filled with lightweight frictionless beads, depending on the size of the nest. Each of the four types of nests varies in dimension, ranging from 200 cm, 250 cm, 350 cm and 450 cm in diameter. The nest accomodates anywhere from a single person up to 16 people all at once. Giant-Birdsnest-Building-a-Nest-in-Your-Home-03 Giant-Birdsnest-Building-a-Nest-in-Your-Home-04 There are innumerable configurations of ergonomic sitting or lying positions for you experiment with, all the while comfortably fitting your form. The Giant Birdsnest is manufactured in Europe with a starting price of about US$15,000, shipping to anywhere in the world. It is easy enough to assemble at home and even easier to nestle in and never get up from again. Giant-Birdsnest-Building-a-Nest-in-Your-Home-05

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