Gestor: Air Mouse Remote and Smart TV Scroller

With Gestor you can control your computer or presentation with the tilt of your hand and a twist of your wrist. No, it’s not a magic wand, but it might as well be! This air mouse remote control for electronic devices can be programmed with the same controls as a conventional mouse (scrolling, moving the cursor across the screen, and right and left buttons), but without the limitations of a conventional mouse. And it looks pretty cool in action too. gestor_03 Gestor is shaped like a short baton, with three black rings spaced a centimetre apart at the top. Touching the area between the bottom two rings activates the air mouse remote. Once activated, the Gestor controls your device with tilts and twists. Tilting the Gestor left or right, and rocking it forward and backward will move the cursor left, right, up, and down across the screen. Twisting motions can be programmed to scroll for pages with lots of text and pictures, or zoom into an image or a map. The area between the top black ring and the upper cap is the right mouse button (for selecting items on your screen), and the space beneath the top black ring is the left mouse button (for options and commands). The cap at the bottom of the Gestor hides the battery compartment. It’s a simple, functional device that fully uses 3D space. Gestor_02 What’s truly innovative about Gestor, is that it doesn’t use lasers to pinpoint its location, so you don’t have to line it up with the cursor on your screen like some other devices. Rather, Gestor uses the current position of your hand on the remote, wherever that may be. All you need to do is visually align the starting position of the cursor to the starting position of your hand. It’s intuitive and easy to learn. To learn more about Gestor, you can visit their successful Kickstarter campaign, or their website. Video:

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