Geometric Planters

Kickstarter is promoting products made in Mexico on its “Mexico Creates” campaign. Although the products that were pushed for crowd funding has ended, you can still look up projects that were listed and find a product that will answer a need with ease and beauty. One such being a planter — the Geometric Planters to be exact. Looking at them, the unique configuration gives a certain awe. Most planters are designed to hold a plant inside of them but have limited design as the outside part of the containment only reflects a paint design or particular colour. The Geometric Planters offer more than that. This entire planter gives the impression of intricate cut and design. Most likely it did take intricacy to create. The Geometric Planters comes in black, white, green, red, yellow, and blue. You can have a few of them, possibly one colour to appeal to each particular decorum a room has in your household. It’s also not just the design of this planter that keeps your eyes fixed, but the choice of plant held is not straight up but at an angle. Neat! It does appear to promote indoors usage due to its size and its size of containment for a plant. The feature of being on angle can really be beneficial for plants that don’t need much water like Cacti. But don’t get the wrong idea, the Geometric Planter will take plant to be used indoors and watering the plant of personal choice is no different than using a regular planter, just keep the angle in mind. Last, but not least, it is made out of acrylic, so it’s not as delicate as glass and less heavy too. If you know you need or want a little indoor plantation, then this is item perfect for you as it’s small and light. For more information go to its Kickstarter page.

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