Gemini: Twin Tables

Need something to spice up your living room? Something that’s adaptable, flexible, and pleasing to the eye? At first glance, Gemini does not look like a coffee table. In fact, it’s not your ordinary coffee table at all! It’s an interesting and modern piece for your home, and sure to be a great conversation starter. What’s so different about this coffee table? For starters, it comes in two parts: the table-board, and the base. Swing the table-board out to create more surface area to put things on, or fold it back in for a more compact furniture piece. It’s perfect in a cramped room or a small apartment, and produces a cozy atmosphere. Kuka Home uses black glass and MDF materials so that you may use your table in a variety of ways. Pile on a stack of books, rest your feet, or place down your coffee mug. The design is unique enough to make your living room pop! For more information about Gemini, visit this website.

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