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With Halloween upon us, we are reminded of the many things that can scare us in this world, but not as much as seeing those dreaded signals of low battery or ‘No WiFi Network Available’. We are living in a world where we are always on the go and are used to getting things done instantaneously with the help of technological advancements. How amazing would it be if you were to have access to unlimited data with 4G WiFi? Well it is real, now you can have access to a portable WiFi device by using GeeFi. GeeFi is unlimited 4G Wi-Fi that makes use of chip technology in a portable and sleek pocket-sized device. geefi-01 GeeFi especially comes in handy while travelling internationally and allows you to connect your smart devices while on the go. The device automatically locates the strongest and fastest Wi-Fi signal for your smart phone. The high-speed 4G Wi-Fi works in over 100 countries essentially enabling access worldwide. Other benefits of GeeFi include no roaming fees, no required SIM cards, connection up to 10 devices and it is also rechargeable. geefi-02 When you are ready to use the device, power it on and you will be able to identify the available network ID and password, the interface also displays the current data network and tracks the data usage per day. Once all your information is entered into your smart device you are good to go. The benefit of unlimited data ensures that there are no roaming fees or mega byte restrictions. Geefi is operated using ‘GeePasses’. GeePasses are essentially virtual passes purchased on to enable the amount of time you have access to the Wi-Fi. There is no limit to the amount of passes that can be purchased. One GeePass costs $10 and enables 24 hours of unlimited 4G Wi-Fi. There is also the ability to subscribe for automatic renewal of passes on the website. geefi-03 GeeFi also acts as a power bank to charge any USB device including laptops, cameras and tablets amongst other things. GeeFi provides ease for many travellers removing that uncertainty of being able to connect to Wi-Fi while away from home. geefi-04 Testing of the download and upload speeds have also been done on the device to ensure that users have optimum results and speedy connectivity. There are 150 Mbps for downloading and 50 Mbps for downloading. For a full list of countries in which GeeFi is available, check out their website, or visit their Kickstarter campaign page.

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