G-Tech Apparel: World’s Most Efficient Heated Hoodies

The human hand is a wonder of nature. Without our hands, much of what we enjoy or strive to do out in the world would simply not be possible. As amazing as our hands are, they are incredibly reliant on good conditions to function the way we want them to. Our hands are not able to function to their fullest in cold weather. Do not be chained to the whimsical nature of the weather. With G-Tech Apparel’s G-Tech Hoodie, the world’s most efficient heated hoodies, you can keep your hands safe, warm, and ready to act wherever you are. From two athletes passionate about using their hands, John Forzani and Jesse Galvon, comes the fashionable choice that protects your valuable assets. Used by athletes in American football and golf leagues, G-Tech Hoodies are vigorously tested to help you perform in harsh conditions. Use of the hoodie is not limited to the upper echelons of athletics however. Use the G-Tech Hoodie to keep your hands warm when engaging in: physical activity, sporting or other entertainment events, going for a hike or stroll in the great outdoors, or even in the comfort of your own home to reach peak coziness. The G-Tech Hoodie is available for both sexes, in two different materials: cotton and G-Tech’s Hydro-Thermal fabric. There are two colours to choose from in the cotton variety, black and grey (as seen above). G-Tech’s Hydro-Thermal fabric is water resistant thanks to its moisture wicking design, as well as keeping heat from escaping 50% better than the cotton. The real magic of the G-Tech Hoodie is found in the front pocket, where your hands are saved from the elements. Inside is G-Tech’s Therma-Grip handle, which, powered by a 7V lithium rechargeable battery, delivers heat in a matter of moments. When not in use, you can seal the pockets to trap heat while not running the battery constantly. The hoodie is also machine washable. Just remove the battery and use gentle cycles. With the G-Tech Hoodie’s three Thermadjust heat settings, you can better tailor your battery use and temperature to suit your needs. After holding the logo for four seconds, the LED button lights up. The red light indicates 100% heat output. This setting is recommended for sub-zero temperatures. The orange light is the standard use setting for the Therma-Grip. At 50% heat output, it is useful for day-to-day activities during the colder months of the year. The green light uses 25% heat output. This setting is meant for indoor use at sporting events or trying to relax in your home. There are even health benefits from the use of the G-Tech Hoodie outside of the uses mentioned above. It can be used to treat cold hand syndromes such as Arthritis and Reynaud’s. Regardless of your intended use for the G-Tech Hoodie, there is no denying that it can help you experience and appreciate the world around us. There are so many beautifully interesting and exhilarating things to see and out there to be held back by a little bad weather. For more information on the G-Tech Hoodie (like a handy sizing chart for the hoodie), and other G-Tech Apparel merchandise, check out their kickstarter page.

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