Fyrn: Stylish Flat-Packed Furniture

Looking for some high-quality, easy-to-assemble, uniquely designed furniture? Look no further! Fyrn is a growing furniture company based in San Francisco that designs high-quality, minimalistic furniture for your viewing pleasure. As a flat-packed furniture company, Fyrn makes their furniture easy to assemble without overcomplicating the process. The option to build your own furniture allows for a more versatile and personal design! Their first product line, Stemn, are a set of chairs that can be used for a multitude of purposes, including barstools, dining chairs, and more. Stemn gives you the option of removing the backing to the chair itself for a simpler, bar-like style. Similarly, add the backings back on for a more traditional looking chair. Stemn has its own patented Stemn bracket that makes the process of building quick and easy. The bracket is built to last and makes the chair itself simple to store away. The overall clean design of Stemn means that it is suitable for all occasions, in every type of house! Neutral, soft colours are easy on the eyes and makes it effortless to match the chairs with varying kinds of colour schemes. Stemn can go with any kind of table! Its ability to change the height of its legs is one of its unique features that makes it easier to implement into your own home. For more information on Stemn and Fyrn, visit Design Milk!

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