Futura: Drawing Desk

The Futura Drawing Desk is a great work station for drafting, drawing, or crafting. The table has a stylish tempered blue safety glass top that can be adjusted from flat up to 35 degrees. Futura-Drawing-Desk-01 It features a large pencil drawer, 4 removable side trays for supplies and 3 slide-out drawers for additional storage. Futura-Drawing-Desk-02 Easy and ample organizing space apart from a comfortable and inviting design to work. The desk is made of heavy gauge steel and is durable. Also includes four floor levelers for extra stability. Futura-Drawing-Desk-03 It is available in different colors and finishes. The clear glass version could also be used as a light table. The overall dimensions of the desk are 80 x 109 x 61 cm. Futura-Drawing-desk-04 Video:

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