The Furlana

Got an apartment that gets too cold during the winter months? Instead of moving out of a practical space, or a smaller space, or however your suitable living space is best described, you can now get a fireplace that can be bought and installed easily. This fireplace called the Furlana. It burns with lower emissions because it requires wood as fuel to provide heat. The advantage of using wood is the locality of it, making it economical and efficient. Burning wood in this well-designed encasing will provide the right temperature for your abode, which also can be replenished freely at your choice. Either way, the ceramic casing in this item provides heat for a few of hours. It also has a cooled door handle, so when you open it you don’t have to worry about a painful heat transfer to your hands. Adding more wood to keep the fire going, or poking wood around for a continued flame will never be a hesitating move when you need to open the Furlana. It also comes in a variety of colours: pewter, red, white and titanium. In addition to the various colours, its tubular shape, and its mid-length case housing the fuel for heat gives it a strong stylistic appeal. Efficiency and appeal are two factors that are highly sought after in products as it makes a difference for any living condition. If you need to watch your bills during winter months, the burning of wood costs very little compared to increasing the temperature on your thermometer. Some household heaters, depending on how old the house is, don’t work very well either. Furthermore, looking at the Furlana shows it has a futuristic look, and anyone will surely enjoy that. The manufacturer, Ganz Baukeramik, lists all the information you’ll want on this item plus the opportunity to purchase it at:

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