Fujitsu Flexbook: Convertible Origami Tablets

Taiwanese designer Hao-Chun Huang has invented the Fujitsu Flexbook, a convertible origami tablet. With his innovative design, Huang’s ‘flexbook’ was shortlisted amongst more than 1000 entries into a recent competition by the website Designboom in partnership with Fujitsu, called the FUJITSU design award: a life with future computing. Fujitsu-Flexbook-Convertible-Origami-Tablets-02 The flexbook is in effect an extremely versatile laptop, with a waterproof keyboard and a 21:9 screen. It is extremely flexible thanks to a centre joint that allows the flexbook to be folded in a variety of ways, including laptop, book, gaming, and tablet modes. Fujitsu-Flexbook-Convertible-Origami-Tablets-03 When flexbook is folded in half, it is its own case, reducing the need for bulky computer accessories. The designer envisions rubber skins of different colours, patterns, and textures that will make flexbook easily customizable. Fujitsu-Flexbook-Convertible-Origami-Tablets-04

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