Fruit Wall: Fresh and Colourful Display

Fruit Wall is a smart and interesting concept to store your fruits and vegetables at home. The idea not only gives a new and decorative look to any kitchen, but the display also tells you about the freshness of the goods. Fruit Wall is a concept that promotes an unconventional yet informative display about your produce. Fruit-Wall-01 The fresh veggies and fruits spread out on the shelves, makes it easy to know the fresh fruits from the stale. It is a way to show off beautiful local produce, besides eating healthy and being healthy. Fruit-Wall-Fresh-and-Colorful-Display-02 This unique shelf display has an advantage as it increases the freshness and shelf life of the displayed fruits and veggies. The design features a simple set up of six shelves, each one cleverly suspended from the next. The fruit wall can carry 44 pounds of items and needs just three to five screws to hang it. Fruit-Wall-Fresh-and-Colorful-Display-04 It is a handy and functional concept that helps you organize your fruits and veggies. Not only does the display make it easy to know which ones are freshest, which ones can be consumed or which ones can wait to ripen more, it actually invites you to eat healthy. You can get creative and sort them by colors, make funny faces, or just keep them simply arranged. Additionally, the narrow design of the Fruit Wall keeps counter space in mind. Fruit-Wall-Fresh-and-Colorful-Display-03 the Fruit Wall organizes your fruit bowl in an improved way. In fruit bowls, fruits lying at the bottom usually get moldy and mostly forgotten. In a Fruit Wall, each piece has breathing space, and you actually remember to eat and replenish your fruit and veggie supplies. Fruit-Wall-Fresh-and-Colorful-Display-05 Video:

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