Frey: Multi Tasking Desk

Frey is a 4-in-1 station for sitting, standing, drafting and drawing. It’s a modular piece of furniture that can easily be altered as per your need, from a drafting desk, to a standing table, to a drawing and painting board! Frey-Multi-Tasking-Desk-01 Created by Nathan Frey, this flexible 30×40 inch table surface is ideal for creative people as it provides the same workstation for a computer as a canvas. There is also a clever 40×8 inch shelf to store art supplies, books or speakers. Frey-Multi-Tasking-Desk-02 A simple and basic wooden design features a tall mast with notches and a table surface joined to a pair of elbow hinges. You can adjust and choose which notches and hinges to fit into, depending on whether you want a work station or an easel or a stand desk. Frey-Multi-tasking-Desk-03 This wooden unit comes with an unfinished look, though highly polished yet with a DIY appeal, is perfect for both home or office. Portable and suitable for architects or construction supervisors, the Frey can easily be taken to their work sites for use. Frey-Multi-Tasking-Desk-04 Video

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