Frenchie Co. Speed Backpack

Keeping up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be difficult. Searching for items on the go can cause unwanted stress and slow you down. Frenchie Co. has constructed the ultimate backpack that maximizes space and functionality. The Speed Backpack is the newest innovation that is perfect for business, travel, and adventure. The outstanding functionality of this backpack along with its stylish look is what makes this bag one of a kind. The Speed Backpack features 29 different pockets that vary in size to store things as small as a metro pass to items as large as a laptop. Frenchie Co. has designed this backpack to be anti-theft, water resistant, self-adjustable, and efficient. They have also incorporated elements of thermoregulation by including fabrics used in space suits to regulate body temperature. The backpack uses a pulley system for the straps to self-adjust the load evenly on your shoulders, avoiding uneven distribution that can cause back pain. The pulley system is a feature that makes traditional backpacks inferior to this product. It elevates efficiency by enabling users to move the bag to the front, and granting quick access of contents of the bag without taking it off. This backpack is perfect to use for business, especially in the busy city. Users are able to quickly access their most important belongings from the flaps on the bag that you can pull down. These flaps conceal the zippers that open the bag and are pressed against your back to make it anti-theft. It stores up to 20-35L when expanded, so it is adaptable for work, travel, or adventure. This is the perfect bag to transform from everyday use, to traveling to work, to even a weekend trip away from home. Its functionality allows it to be adaptable to all different surroundings and situations.

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