FreezTHAT!: Fast Frozen Treats

The idea of an ice dispenser as part of the fridge may seem like an overlooked design, but for people who don’t have the fortune of having ice on demand, they resort to large and clunky ice containers that take hours to freeze. Next thing you know, you have a party and within the first tray, the ice is all gone (if you were able to get it out). FreezTHAT! stops that issue and freezes ice in just ten minutes. Created by THAT!, a group of designers headed by Matthew Tso, FreezTHAT! is made of BPA-free silicone and uses a unique triangular freezing design with an internally sealed cooling gel to help freeze, not only water, but other treats as well in less than ten minutes. image Simply put the FreezTHAT! in the freezer overnight for the first use. This lets the internally sealed cooling gel to set so that once water is put into the container, it freezes from the temperature of the freezer alongside the cooling gel within the container. After the overnight freezing, FreezTHAT! can be used up to 2-3 times to freeze water in ten minutes before it needs to go back into the freezer once more. Within the span of 30 minutes, one container can produce up to 72 pieces of ice with its clever snowflake design. A typical ice maker won’t even be halfway frozen by then. image Not only can this unique invention make ice, but it can also make frozen goodies. Freeze fruits, espresso, popsicles, or chocolates in less than ten minutes. Then, give the silicone container a twist. Fast, fun, and care-free treats and ice are only ten minutes away. FreezTHAT! is a must-have for anyone in need of a quick way to make ice or of a fun way to make frozen treats. Never worry about running out of ice again.

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