The Freeze Collection: Fused Metal Furniture

I love bold furniture.  The bolder, the better.  To me, a unique piece does more than function as a spot to sit or place a book; it does so much more from eliciting conversation to creating wonderful memories.  So it’s always interesting to see what designers can come up with when they challenge themselves to meld furniture and art. Paul Cocksedge, a London designer, has recently exhibited his latest series of furniture at New York’s Friedman Benda Gallery.  The collection, aptly named Freeze, came into being by uniting different metals through a freezing and thawing method using liquid nitrogen.  The result?  Clean lines and cool, fused-metal furniture. TheFreezeCollection-01 From tables to benches to bookshelves, Cocksedge’s collection is unique and fun.  Some pieces are more basic, using just two large pieces of metal, while others take on a more intricate note, like the Multi-Circle table below.  The tabletop is composed of a piece of round carbon steel, mottled with holes varying in size.  Each hole has been filled with a stainless steel rods  And to maintain its sleek, polished finish, the entire top is coated in a protective lacquer. TheFreezeCollection-04 Though this collection is meant for the indoors, Cocksedge said that he is contemplating an outdoor collection that would remain unfinished to change with the elements. Many of the collection’s pieces are made in small batches of 10, with some exceptions.  Art like this is definitely meant to be sought after and admired for its rarity, each one designed with care and dedication.  Case in point: Cocksedge spent five years working on his unique method for creating the collection. TheFreezeCollection-03

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