Freedom Pack: Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Traveling to new and exciting places is a wonderful experience. There are very few things that can cause those feelings to fall apart, and one of the big ones is pickpocketing. Thieves are an unfortunately necessary worry when traveling. They target people that are unfamiliar with the area and seem distracted; both of which can occur when in a new place you do not know. Travelab wants to make your travels as free of stress as possible. With their new product the Freedom Pack anti-theft travel backpack, you can comfortably transport your belongings with you and not worry about the thieving hands of a pickpocket. Travelab took the approach of appealing to the greatest number of people and the widest array of uses. This line of thinking resulted in a daypack that can unfold from a compact pouch. With twelve litres of carrying capacity, the Freedom Pack is a travel wonder. Save your valuable luggage space for other items than a bulky backpack. It only weighs 220 grams, so it does not add to your limited luggage weight, or encumber you when transporting it on your back or in its pouch. The theft-proof features of the Freedom Pack are related to the zippers. Made with water-resistant 210T nylon, the YKK dry zippers are hidden against the back of the wearer. The pack material is rip-resistant, and because the zippers are not facing outwards, no pickpocket can access your precious items. There are exterior access pockets for less valuable items as well. When unzipped, the interior of the pack is a different colour. As a result you know if your bag is open, and makes it easier to find where the openings are. The Freedom Pack is also equipped with a buckle clip. You can attach your pack to a chair, a fence, or even your own body so that you never make your belongings a target for thieves. Smaller than most phones when folded up, the Freedom Pack is a must-have accessory for the travel-crazed individual. Enjoy your time in a new and wondrous place by not having to worry about pickpockets, or simply losing valuable possessions. To learn more about Travelab and the Freedom Pack, visit their Kickstarter.

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