FormBox: A Desktop Vacuum Former

In this day and age where trends like the maker movement and content creation have really caught on, finding the means to turn ideas into tangible realities is pivotal.  Having said that, the vast majority of these means such as 3D printing technology developments are still, more often than not, costly both time-wise and money-wise.  London-based tech company Mayku Industries is combatting this issue by designing accessible making technology, starting with FormBox, a vacuum-powered mold-maker that replicates forms in seconds. formbox_01 (738x492) In 2015, Londoners Benjamin Redford and Alex Smilansky founded Mayku Industries to create efficient and economical maker machines.  As the name implies, FormBox is essentially a compact box that molds forms, and couldn’t be any easier to operate.  First, attach FormBox to your vacuum, and choose a material to add to the box; this will be the composition of your mold. formbox_03 (738x492) Next, place your original 3D form on the perforated surface, and activate the built-in heater to warm the added material.  Lower the malleable material bed down on to your chosen form, switch on your vacuum, and voila! formbox_04 (738x491) The material will seal around the object to create a perfect replicated outline. Depending on your making intentions, use the FormBox as a unique mold, or perhaps as the creation itself. formbox_05 (738x492) The possibilities of what you can make with FormBox are endless.  So add a little something to your vacuuming routine, and let your creative thoughts become 3D forms.

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