Fondue Slippers: Slippers That Feel Like A Second Skin

Sometimes, even after breaking in a new pair of shoes, they don’t always fit perfectly. For those who wish to find shoes that fit to the exact shape of their feet, look no more. Inspired by the draping effect of fondue cheese, Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata came up with idea of “Fondue Slippers”—a moldable footwear that gives the users the feeling of walking around barefoot. fondue-slippers-that-feel-like-a-second-skin-1 The Fondue Slippers are created using thermosetting PVC material. Mirroring the process of dipping food in melted cheese, the material hardens—using a hairdryer—and molds exactly to the shape of the foot. The result is a pair of unique slippers that feel like a second skin and can be worn both indoor and outdoor. fondue-slippers-that-feel-like-a-second-skin-2 According to Ohata, the slippers can also be used as house slippers by folding the heel or without folding the heel if the user wants to run in them. fondue-slippers-that-feel-like-a-second-skin-3 They also come in a variety of vibrant colors and can be customized with permanent markers for wearers to show off their creativity while walking in their home or down the street. fondue-slippers-that-feel-like-a-second-skin-4 While the unique slippers are still at the prototype stage, Ohata is currently working on a safe and easy at-home DIY kit that includes safety gloves, a package of semi-solid liquid, and tools to allow users to customize their shoes at home. Whether it’s dancing in the living room or going for a walk in the park, the Fondue Slippers are adjustable enough to be worn and kept almost anywhere.

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