Folditure: Hangable Furniture

Inspired by the idea of maximizing small spaces, New York-based architect and product designer, Alexander Gendell came up with a series of hangable furniture called Folditure. folditure-09 Folditure is not just your ordinary folding furniture. Unlike most folding chair designs that are based on the single axis principle, the Folditure uses a unique folding mechanism called the pyramid hinge, while utilizing modern materials and new geometries. folditure-03 Folditure comes in three variations: the Tilt (chair), the Cricket (table), and the Leaf (dining chair). All three versions can be setup and closed in a matter of seconds. When not in use, it packs into flat pieces that can be kept and hung in a closet. folditure-08 Tilt is a seating chair ergonomically designed with a higher backrest. folditure-05 Cricket is a lightweight yet sturdy table that is modular by design. Multiple tables can be clipped together to form a longer table. It opens simply by lowering it onto the floor while pushing down on the hook. folditure-06 Leaf is a dining chair with a tall backrest. By unfolding the backrest, the entire chair will pop open. folditure-07 Video:

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