Folding Backpack Scooter

Since 1974, Koga has been well-known for their excellence in design innovation for the cycling industry. The Bergmönch is a unique offering from Koga that elevates outdoor trekking to the next level. This hybrid backpack and scooter is an innovation that allows the conventional hike to become a thrill-seeking adventure. backpackbike-09 As a backpack, it is ergonomic and compact with ample storage and smart integration for trekking poles and a bicycle helmet. backpackbike-02 At 9 kg, the scooter is lightweight and easily assembled without tools. The frame of this hybrid scooter is telescopic and, exclusive to the Bergmönch, the folding parallelogram suspension fork is adjustable to accommodate different rider heights. It easily navigates smooth or rough terrain and optionally, the rider has the ability to stand or kneel accordingly. The backpack ingeniously becomes the knee pad in ride mode. backpackbike-03 As a proponent of any hike, this product alleviates many of the adverse physical affects endured during a typical descent. Weight-bearing pressure downhill is three to four times that of level surface walks and the Bergmönch offers a practical but, exhilirating solution. backpackbike-04 As with all Koga products, solid quality parts and superior handcraftmanship are the signature of the Bergmönch. Literally and figuritively, the Bergmönch has given every hiker/biker new possibilities to satisfy any wanderlust. backpackbike-07 Video

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