Foldee: The Pocket-Sized Folding Frisbee

It’s really difficult to play sports on the fly; it’s not something that you can do spontaneously, so anything that will make sports and activity easier is a welcome idea. The Foldee is a flexible and lightweight folding frisbee that you can take with you anywhere so you can play and be active whenever and wherever you are. Playing with a frisbee is great fun with some great cardio, and is already a pretty simple activity (you only need one piece of gear). But the Foldee wants to make this game even more convenient and easy for people on the go. foldee_01 By giving the frisbee a complete re-design, the minds behind the Foldee created a completely new apparatus. The flexible disc is soft and durable with no hard edges. This malleable flying disc makes catching easier and safer, and makes transportation and storage very simple. When at rest and in flight the Foldee is a boldly-coloured circle made of cloth with flexible boning sewn into the edge. When catching, the flexibility of the material makes the Foldee easier to catch. It won’t bounce out of your hand, and it won’t hurt if it hits you. foldee The Foldee can be scrunched up to fit in your pocket or into its hard carrying case. It’s small size means that it can easily be kept in your purse or in your jacket pocket for a burst of activity, exercise, and fun wherever you happen to be. The little clip also allows you to attach your folding frisbee to your backpack or the belt loops on your jeans. foldee_02 The Foldee was a successful Kickstarter project that easily reached its crowdfunding goals, and is expected to ship out to supporters by April. Just in time for some summer fun! For the active person (or the aspiring active person) the Foldee is great fun and exercise on the go. It’s a great re-design of an old favourite, and the perfect accessory for the summer.   Video:

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