Total relaxation? Nothing beats the feeling of cool breeze, smell of fresh water, and watching the sceneries while drifting on a boat. However, boats are often bulky and heavy. Thanks to designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies and their folding boat, casual boat rowing can now be enjoyed easily.


Foldboat is a flat-pack leisure boat designed for flat water environments and can be assembled in a very short time. The boat comes with two cushions and two oars, perfect for one or two people.


The Foldboat is designed as a seamless, hard shell, folding boat that is made from a single sheet of plastic. It features a durable live hinges allowing the 2.50m vessel to be opened out flat or into a small parcel measuring 150cm x 80cm.


It was created after a paper-folding workshop where systems of creating various forms from a single piece of material was explored.


The Foldboat is ideal for use in urban environments (canals, ponds and lakes), and could also become useful during disaster relief scenarios such as floods.


Improvements have recently been done to simplify the assembly, reduced number of components, increase performance and comfort, and redesign the accessories.


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