The Foldable, Recyclable EcoHelmet

With more and more awareness about the environmental issues arising every day, it’s no wonder businesses are trying to be more eco-friendly in their practices and even in the products they design, create, and sell. It’s inspiring to see entrepreneurs– and people in general– work on innovative projects and develop unique products that are eco-friendly. EcoHelmet does exactly that. It’s a foldable, recyclable helmet for the spontaneous cyclist. It’s shaped in a unique radial honeycomb pattern; this type of structure actually absorbs any kind of impact by “spreading the blow evenly”. This creates an overall safe experience for any cyclist, from beginner to pro. eco-helmet-5 This innovative, unique cycling essential is so much more than the average bike helmet out on the market. Made 100% from recycled paper, EcoHelmet’s not only committed to sustainable design and manufacture, but it’s also designed to be recycled right back into more helmets after use. eco-helmet-3 Without a doubt, EcoHelmet empowers all kinds of cyclists to ride more confidently, more safely, and more often! Overall, there are countless benefits to riding a bicycle to school, work, the grocery store, or a friend’s house. Improve your physical and even mental health, joint mobility, coordination, and your self-esteem by saving this planet and using a quick, pollution-free method of transportation. If people turned to bicycles as primary methods of transportation, we’d all be living in a happier, healthier, and eco-friendlier society. eco-helmet-4 EcoHelmet’s cool design allows you to fold it flat when not in use. Its electrifying colours allow for a safe and stylish helmet. So, protect your head with this one-size-fits-all helmet. eco-helmet-1 Before EcoHelmet can be put on the market, it needs to pass the tests necessary to be CPSC certified– just like every other bike helmet. Check out their page for updates and more info, as they’re looking to launch in 2017!

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