Fold Project: A Folding Up Eating Set

Many of us are avid travellers, however we never really realize how much of what we pack is disposed of in the end. Of course, doing things this way means easy clean up when you’re on the go. However, all that plastic cutlery and dish ware can be bulky when travelling with the whole family. At the end of the trip, we often toss all of those away, and when we leave, we don’t really think of the lasting impacts these plastics have on the environment. The Fold Project is a flat-packed, reusable, and eco-conscious eating set! This initiative challenges our habits as consumers to reduce our rubbish and be aware of what we take in, ends up right back out there! The Eating Set is inspired by efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in things we could use time and time again. It is made from fully recyclable 100% BPA free plastics, biodegradable printing inks and cardboard packaging. So the next time you’re out filling your belly at a picnic, you don’t need to fill the bin too. The eating set is incredibly lightweight with the utensils only weighing a whopping 70 grams! Don’t be fooled by the eating set’s sleek and slim exterior because when all the pieces come together, it’s amazingly durable while simultaneously being flexible. The entire set is also dishwasher safe. The set consists of a cup, bowl, spoon, and fork and a lady stripe to hold it all together. This ingenious idea was born out of New Zealand. The Fold Project creates something that’s family orientated and uses an eco-friendly approach to the principle of saving space. To ensure the production process is done responsibly, all the products are made locally in New Zealand. The eating set comes with a warranty covering breakage. To support this wonderful initiative, visit Fold Project to launch them off the ground!

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