Fold Pot: The Pot That Grows With Your Plant

Like any living creature, the essentials like nourishment and shelter are key ingredients to a healthy growth. It’s hard to thrive in an environment that’s suffocating. For plants, the fear of restricted shelters and withered roots are no more with Emanuele Pizzolorusso’s Fold Pot. fold-pot-the-pot-04 Made of silicone, the Fold Pot is as simple as its name. It can fold into different sizes ranging from a small cup for your seedling before expanding for a larger home. Initially folded like a cuff in its baby stages, as the plant grows, so does the Fold Pot. By easily manoeuvring the edges, you increase the size of the pot to give the plant more room to grow. fold-pot-the-pot-02 The beauty of this design is that the plant’s roots are not as disturbed as they would be by the occasional transfer from pot to pot as it outgrows its former clay home. Once the plant begins to grow steadily, it continues on that path growing bigger and bigger as the pot expands to fit its size. Another plus to Pizzolorusso’s design is that should a drainage hole be necessary in the future, the bottom of the Fold Pot can be easily cut out to act as such. fold-pot-the-pot-01 This minimalist design is fun, innovative, and unbreakable. Any children, pets, or clumsy folk won’t have to worry about shards of broken clay. Time, money, and energy is saved with Pizzolorusso’s Fold Pot all the while adding elegance to your home and a safe place to grow for your plants.

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