Fold Out Ping Pong Door

For those who enjoy table tennis but have no space to accommodate the set up, the Fold Out Ping Pong Door is a practical solution. fold-out-ping-pong-door-10 This pint-sized game table is the brainchild of Tobias Fränzel, a Berlin-based designer and artist who specializes in functional home furnishings. On one side, the door is painted an unassuming white with thin black outlines. In contrast, the adjacent side’s playing surface is adorned in a bright green finish with a white accent lines, net posts, and the customary door handle. fold-out-ping-pong-door-11 The design takes the classic European-style window hinge (originally used to open windows sideways to achieve greater airflow), and utilizes it to create a functional fold-down piece of furniture. Setup is quick and easy, simply flip down the table, attach the included net, and make sure you have enough room for those forehand smashes! With no messy storage or extra space taken up, all you need is paddles and a ball. fold-out-ping-pong-door-06 Even if the table is not being used for ping pong, it can easily double as a workspace or extra surface when entertaining guests. This cleverly constructed table takes up minimal space while creating a fun and interactive space in your home. fold-out-ping-pong-door-13 Video:

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