Flyte : Levitating Light

The very name of this project is enough to clue you in to its uniqueness and novelty. Flyte is a newly invented light that levitates in the air while it shines bright, drawing charge from its charge box right underneath it. An eye-catching invention, this is definitely a product worth looking into! Flyte was invented by thirty-seven year old art scientist, Simon Morris. As a child, Simon was inspired by the concept of a hoverboard and hence created an item both revolutionary and long-lasting. The name ‘Flyte’ was infact coined out of a mash between “flight” and “light.” flyte_levitating_lgiht_bulb_04 Flyte essentially works through the combination of air induction and magnetic levitation. A magnet is embedded in the bottom cap of the bulb and due to its opposing force from the wooden base, suspends in the air, giving the force needed for the bulb to hover effortlessly. In order to ensure levitation, the bulb needs to be placed at the centre of the wooden block. The bulb draws power wirelessly from the charger block it floats above through technology known as induction. While the bulb is wireless, the charger block itself does need to be plugged to a wall in order for the bulb to be able to function. The base can also be used as a power station to charge other devices such as smartphones, etc. Flyte-Levitating-Light-Bulb-06 If left untouched, Flyte can remain levitating and rotating endlessly while consuming very little power. It has a lifetime of almost 22 years based on 6 hours use a day or perhaps 11 years at 12 hours per day. What makes it so efficient is its use of low-energy LED lights to create light, as opposed to the filaments used by some other short-lived light bulbs. A revolutionary step for lighting, Simon Morris’s invention is definitely lightyears ahead of its time in creativity, uniqueness, and innovative form of use and display. Flyte is an ideal buy for those looking to light their home with a bit of simplistic decor.

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