Flux: Foldable Furniture of the Future

Flux Furniture is a space-saving, foldable set of stylish shapes that offer an artistic alternative to traditional furniture. It has created light-weight tables, chairs, and even a lighting fixture, all of which share the simple curvy aesthetic of the entire Flux line.  The versatile collection offers furniture for casual lounging and assets for mobile businesses. flux-foldable-furniture-of-the-future-02 The entire Flux line, from chairs to tablet stands, is made from a single sheet of recyclable polypropylene. A recipient of the 2009 Phillips Innovation Award, the inspired design allows for the furniture to fold flat along grooved lines and lock into place when in use with built-in fasteners. This makes the Flux pieces an environmentally-conscious, money-saving and artistic choice. flux-foldable-furniture-of-the-future-03 The minimalist design is also a sleek canvas for branding; embossing and LED designs can feature company logos and products with flair. While the polypropylene might require a few tries at finagling the sheet into furniture, the Flux design stands up to weather and weight. It’s worth the effort when seen with the multitude of benefits. flux-foldable-furniture-of-the-future-04 The Flux line exhibits many different pieces.  The Flux chair folds out to provide great lounge and dining seating; they come in eight different colours and two sizes to accommodate adults and children. Flux coffee is a low table that serves as a tradition coffee table as well as a presentation platform. The Flux column is a curved, high table that works well as a podium or a pub-style table. Flux pop is a multifunctional table, stool, or ottoman and its smaller size lends well to many uses. flux-foldable-furniture-of-the-future-05 The rest of the line features the Flux tablet tower that secures a tablet and allows customers to engage with an interactive medium that showcases products. The Flux counter with a shelf works for mobile business and customer interaction, while the Flux pillar functions as a stool with a footrest and pairs well with the Flux column. The most illuminating piece of the Flux set is the Flux plumo, a flexible hanging or wall lamp that has the effect of frosted glass and is a statement piece of elegant, curvy shapes. flux-foldable-furniture-of-the-future-06 There is a certain zen about Flux Furniture in the balance of the lines and curves, and the minimalism of a single sheet of durable plastic. These pieces are made to match and be combined together to create a visually pleasing ensemble. The furniture fits well in a contemporary décor because it is as functional as it is artistic. Video:

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