Fluidity: Dish Drying Rack

The excess water that drips down from your dishes onto your drying rack can create funky residue. Instead of gross residue, you can grow plants with the leftover water with Fluidity. This dish drying rack design allows the water to systematically trickle downwards to the two plant containers. Perforated at the bottom, both containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fibre. These two elements can control the water environment of the plants and will keep the drainer base clean from water residue. With its unique water irrigation system, Fluidity serves as a duo-purpose item. You can grow fresh herbs or small plants with this minimalistic design while it dries off your wet dishes. Fluidity was designed by Ekaterina Shchetina in 2012 under the DesignLibero. The design studio is based in Milan, Italy. According to Design Milk, an online magazine that focuses on modern design, Fluidity is only a concept. DesignLibero says that Fluidity’s success lies in its simple concept. It definitely is a clean minimalistic addition to a kitchen with limited spacing.

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