The Floyd Platform Bed: A Modern and Modular Bed Frame

Bed frames are notoriously hard to move. They are huge, bulky, uncompromising pieces of furniture that can be expensive and a big headache to transfer from home to home. It’s a wonder the entire design hasn’t been revamped…until now. The Floyd Platform Bed is an easy to install, modular bed frame that can grow or shrink according to your needs. This frame’s ease of use and sleek modern lines make it an easy win for any homeowner. floyd_platform_bed_03 (738x493) The entire bed frame is a simple platform design made of 3 sturdy planks that are clamped together and elevated by the supports and legs on the bottom. You can use one less plank to make a platform for a twin bed. The adaptability of a modular bed frame means that you’ll never outgrow it! output_qozJS1 The planks have a honeycomb core that makes them very strong, and the feet and supports are designed for even weight distribution, so the planks don’t warp. The tension strap on the bottom holds everything firmly in place and is invisible once all the pieces are together. floyd_01 The end result is a simple and elegant platform for your bed. The birch veneer finish of the platform is modern and unobtrusive, and the exposed clamps of the feet offer a small element of design. With minimal parts and elements, this streamlined bed frame is as pretty as it is strong and adaptable. floyd_platform_bed_02 If all furniture pieces could be this simple in all aspects of design and function, we’d all be very happy home owners. The Floyd Platform bed just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and their new bed frame can be pre-ordered now from their website.

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