The Floyd Leg: Prosthetic Legs for Furniture

As a staple tool, many builders work with a clamp throughout the furniture building process. The Floyd Leg, a concept by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell, turns the clamp into furniture itself. By clamping onto literally any surface, each single leg works together to create a table installation for the living place. the-floyd-leg-furniture-prosthetic-06 The legs allow you to reuse materials for free, or use reclaimed materials purchased at low cost. In this sense, the Floyd Leg fosters the creativity inherent to furniture building and DIY. As we discover the materials of our spaces, the legs let us personalize and literally create our living places. Designed to look industrial yet simple, the legs don’t overshadow the chosen surface feature, they work to compliment it. the-floyd-leg-furniture-prosthetic-02 The Floyd Leg is available in four different variations. The 16 inch and 29.5 inch Floyd Leg has been designed to support light and medium weights; the Floyd Industrial Set has been designed to support heavy weights. Although the Floyd Industrial Set is still only available in the colour black, the Floyd Leg is available in five different colours: black, white, pastel blue, vermillion red, and saffron yellow. The Floyd Shelf is a newer variation of the original Floyd Leg. The clamps on the Floyd Shelf work in reverse to the clamps on the Floyd leg and, thus, turn any surface into a shelf. The Floyd Shelf is available in three colours: black, white, and vermillion red. the-floyd-leg-furniture-prosthetic-03 The designers, Hoff and O’Dell, have a rooted history with American steel work. “Floyd” was the name of Hoff’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; as the name had been passed down for three generations, so had their profession: each “Floyd” was a steel mill worker. So, Hoff and O’Dell have chosen to partner with Detroit machine shops to support local industry. The Floyd Leg is made from durable American steel and manufactured in Detroit. the-floyd-leg-furniture-prosthetic-09 The Floyd Leg fuses creativity with DIY assembly. The Floyd Leg can transform any surface into a table. However, the legs give your table the opportunity to become more: a conversation piece, a room builder, art. Video:

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