FlowMotion ONE: Smartphone Stabilizer

We know how shaky hands can ruin a good photo and even the chance to capture a passing moment. With FlowMotion ONE, a portable camera equipment, you won’t ever have failed blurry photos or videos again. FlowMotion Technologies is a group of adventurers, travelers, and tech experts who believe that “great moments should be captured in the best possible way.” That’s why they created this smartphone stabilizer. flowmotion-one-01 FlowMotion ONE (aka ONE) is produced with a state-of-the-art control system and algorithms and uses an advanced 3D stabilization software and sensors. Fully eliminating camera shake, these are the core components to keeping your smartphone stable even if you’re not. ONE weighs only 300g and is capable of fitting right in your pockets with two simple actions of detaching the grip and folding. Seen below, this detachable aspect makes this portable smartphone stabilizer extremely easy and compact to bring around. flowmotion-one-02 FlowMotion Technologies’ stabilizer also has multiple modes that you can put into effect while shooting. One of ONE’s distinctive features is its advanced auto-follow technology. Simply mark the person you want to be in focus during the shot on the screen and FlowMotion ONE will follow and keep that person in the frame even when they move about. This is perfect for capturing active movements such as skateboarding. flowmotion-one-auto-follow-technology-04 Other features of this smartphone stabilizer include motion time-lapse, panorama, multiple shooting modes (ex: pan and tilt mode, pan mode, and lock mode), and custom presets that you can create.flowmotion-one-app-08 ONE is connected to an app that allows you to access the features and modes and is available for both iOS and Android phones. flowmotion-one-03 Like Forbes the magazine said, “Don’t confuse FlowMotion ONE with a pimped out selfie stick. It’s far from it.”

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