Flow: Bamboo Chair

Created by Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng and craft artist Kao-Min, the “Flow” bamboo lounger is a dynamic piece that is made from 100% renewable bamboo. The lounge chair was designed to be light and resemble a cloud in its structural components as well as its aesthetic appearance. Cheng-Tsung Feng states that he aimed to “present the [image] of flying cloud, blowing wind, and running water with bamboo material.” flow-bamboo-chair-04 The lounge chair is made entirely from bamboo strips, 50% modularized which makes industrial production easier, and 50% hand-crafted waved bamboo. Those strips are expertly woven together by a Taiwanese bamboo craft master that has been in the industry for 25 years, to create this whimsical piece. “Flow” is ultimately a piece of functional artwork. flow-bamboo-chair-1 flow-bamboo-chair-02 The “Flow” bamboo lounge chair is a perfect statement piece that would compliment any living room, or add an extra flair your office or workspace. Its unique design and appearance that it’s a cloud blowing in the wind is an extraordinary piece that will make your space distinct from any other. flow-bamboo-chair-06

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