Flow: Advanced Intelligent Water Bottle

Whether we choose to believe that natural diuretics like coffee and tea will do the trick (which they won’t), or all too simply forget to drink water, the vast majority of us go about our days dehydrated.  And no matter how many times we’re advised to drink 8 cups of water daily, it just isn’t going to happen.  At least not without a little help.  Flow is a water bottle that offers the exact help so many of us need.  An advanced technological intelligent water bottle, Flow tracks your water consumption and reminds you to drink more water. Flow_02 (738x491) Designed in Melbourne by Alpaka’s co-founders Ramiro Gómez and Jin Li, the bottle is equipped with built-in liquid volumetric sensors that record how much water you drink.  Using the Flow app, the bottle is able to synchronize with your smart device to keep track of your intake via Bluetooth technology. The Flow app also calculates a personalized hydration program based on knowledge such as your height, weight, physical activity level, and environmental conditions.  This way, as Flow follows your intake, it’s also able to send you friendly reminders to drink more should you forget in order to stay properly hydrated.  If you’re a particularly forgetful person in more ways than just hydration, Flow uses a Bluetooth beacon technology to remind you if you’ve accidentally left it behind.  This prevents you from not only forgetting Flow, but also from having to purchase a regular plastic water bottle in its place (a detriment to our environment). Flow_04 (736x491) To make hydration even more effortless, Flow is also designed with a built-in coconut-shelled carbon filter, meaning you can conveniently refill Flow with just about any kind of water.  Additional perks include wireless battery charging, a lightweight, heavy-duty material, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. Flow_05 (736x491) So stop letting the hustle and bustle of life get in the way of your basic need for hydration.  Keep yourself effortlessly hydrated in style with Flow.

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