Floppy Table: The Floppy Disk Reincarnated

Germany is known for their well-made products and innovative design, and this coffee table from Neulant van Exel is no exception. The Floppy Table: The Floppy Disk reincarnated, is as its name suggests, a reimagining of the old school data storage device, in the form of a accent table. floppy-table-07 The table is a collaboration between architect and sculptor, remaining true in appearance to floppy disks of yesteryear, even boasting a slidable thin metal shutter that reveals a hidden compartment used to store your things. floppy-table-gif-01 Milled from stainless steel and hot-rolled steel, the result is an incredibly durable product that you won’t have to worry about scratching or staining (no need for coasters). Handmade in their Berlin studio, the floppy table is available through special order. floppy-table-08 With an eye for fine details, the Berlin based design-duo made sure all the little notches, arrows and metal accents were present, as with the original diskettes of the 70’s. This hard to ignore table is primarily functional but may also act as a conversational starter and nostalgic reminder of childhood. floppy-table-11 The table is well thought out, incorporating functionality and industrial design to create an intelligent product for the end user. This throwback table is a fun and unique addition to any home. floppy-table-09

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