FLOATTI: The Super Suitcase

The Floatti is a suitcase that remedies all the pitfalls of its average competitors. Presented as a clean and stylistic accessory, it is a modern and efficient design. Understanding the technological needs of today’s travelers, this suitcase has been tweaked with a number of subtle perks that will make travelling a more comfortable experience. floatti-01 Perhaps the greatest complaint in regards to luggage, is the ease of movement. Most suitcases are jerky with the wheels falling out of alignment, or bumping noisily over uneven surfaces. Floatti’s suspension ride ensures that the suitcase moves smoothly and quietly whether it’s being pulled or pushed. floatti-02 Now for the technology! Understanding that the handle is the most interactive part of its design, the Floatti has a smart handle with touch controls. Syncing to your smart device, the smart handle allows you to receive notifications, make phone calls, play music, send messages, and launch apps. Other perks include a built-in scale, a detachable charger, and a protective packing system. floatti-04 Floatti is also an example of pure craftsmanship: premium genuine leather, scratch-resistant coated-poly-carbonate, and aircraft grade aluminum. The individual pieces of leather are cut by hand and attached to the body of the suitcase. You may also personalize the handle by having your name or initials inscribed. floatti-03 The Floatti is an example of a well-made and innovative design, satisfying both a modern agenda and a modern aesthetic. To learn more, visit the Floatti website or the Kickstarter campaign!

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