Floating Block Table

The Floating Block Table is unlike any coffee table you will have come across in your local furniture retailer or online catalog. Comprised of a series of individually milled wooden blocks and arranged in a 6 x 3 x 3 grid, the piece is closer in resemblance to a Rubik’s cube than your traditional coffee table. floating-block-table-01 At first glance it may feel like you’re experiencing some form of dark magic, as you observe the 54 individual cubes floating together in complete uniformity and unison. However, the illusion is due to the table’s clever design and engineering by Brooklyn, New York based design group, RockPaperRobot. floating-block-table-09 In actuality, the tables works through the implementation of a system of magnets that are embedded within the walnut blocks. The individual blocks are held together by super-strong tensile steel cables that enable the table to keep its equilibrium and ultimately work as a of piece furniture. floating-block-table-07 Feel free to push and prod the table, as the cubes tense and the table warps when pressure is applied from any angle. Simply release the pressure and the table pops back to its true form. floating-block-table-gif-01 This levitating matrix of blocks can support objects up to five pounds (although you may want to avoid keeping your charge cards or hard drive on its surface). The tables are made to order, meaning the dimensions and material used can be customized to the end user’s specifications. This eye-catching piece of interior design is fun and could work in the home or office. floating-block-table-08 Video:

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