The Floating Bed

For those who enjoy relaxing on a rocking chair, the Floating Bed is another comfortable way to relax and even sleep on. After a thorough scientific research, John Huff designed the Floating Bed that promises to make you feel greatly relaxed. The-Floating-Bed-02 Suitable and enjoyed by all ages, especially the children who thoroughly cherish having a round hanging object to play on. The piece can inspire their imagination; by decorating and turning it into a secret base, hide away or castle. You can actually transform the whole get up and look by decorating in your own style, traditional or contemporary to match your home. The-Floating-Bed-03 There are health benefits too as the bed provides the best and incomparable relaxing feeling. The design was rather evolved than created, and it was definitely not designed just for the looks. Once in use, the bed rocks in a gentle motion. Featuring memory foam and adjustable firmness, and with the sheet tuck-in, the bed creates ultimate and unique experience. The floating motion of the bed lets you get into a deeper rest, and you can get up feeling refreshed even after a 5 minutes nap. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The-Floating-Bed-04

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