Float Wall Desk: Minimalistic Floating Desk

The Float Wall Desk is a minimalistic floating desk created by Dario Antonioni of Orange22 Design Lab, a multi-disciplinary design company based in Los Angeles, California. float-wall-desk-minimalistic-floating-desk-02 The design of the desk is characteristic for its intentional absence of legs, which under normal circumstances accompany virtually every traditional desk. The effect is visually appealing and very practical. On a certain level, the result is effective enough to make one question the ubiquity and purposefulness of legs in the first place. float-wall-desk-minimalistic-floating-desk-03 The unburdened design does not compromise the overall structure of the unit. Of course, this is contingent upon properly mounting the desk to the wall. As such, the piece can be easily affixed to any wall type: wood studs, sheet metal studs, concrete, or brick. To maximize desk space, the unit accommodates a slide out tray for holding things like your computer’s keyboard. float-wall-desk-minimalistic-floating-desk-04 While the name implies that this minimalistic piece of furniture is a desk, it can likewise be used as a display shelf, thus lending itself both to residential as well as commercial interiors. float-wall-desk-minimalistic-floating-desk-05 The unit is indeed deeply influenced by the spirit of minimalism, not only are its legs removed but its design assists in the concealment of cables. By tugging the plugs powering your peripherals inside of the pre-cut void these cables will neatly be made invisible. float-wall-desk-minimalistic-floating-desk-06

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