Flo-Bro: Universal Water Filter for Travelers

With the goal of an easy-to-use water filter in mind, Flo-Bro One was developed! No electricity or cartridges needed to filter out viruses, bacteria, and protozoa from your water. Transform water from any freshwater source into safe, drinkable water. Use Flo-Bro on your taps, shower hose, or outdoors in rivers and lakes to lessen your dependence on buying water from the store. It’s light, portable, and compact, making it possible to take it anywhere you want. To filter water from your tap, connect Flo-Bro to the add-on hose and attach an empty plastic bottle to the other end. Turn on the tap, and let the water flow through the filter. Minimal effort needed! To filter water from freshwater sources, attach a bottle filled with water on one end. Then, attach a clean empty bottle on the other. Simply squeeze the water through the filter for your purified water! Its ultrafiltration membrane technology assists in purifying the water. This water filter is meant for travelers who are close to civilization and who want to save on purifying their own water, instead of buying it. Unfortunately, this Kickstarter campaign did not reach its goal, however, you can still visit the page for more information.

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