Flipflic: Smart Window Blinds

Wireless home automation is a growing trend, with many startups looking to be the next Nest. Enter Flipflic, smart controls for your window blinds! This Kickstarter project launched just a month ago, and is now well over their $50,000 goal, The concept of smart window blinds has people excited. And it’s no wonder–Flipflic doesn’t just automate your blinds, it installs in an instant as well, and looks pretty to boot. Flipflic_03 Flipflic comes in 2 versions: one for horizontal blinds, and another for vertical blinds. For Flipflic to transform your regular window blinds into smart window blinds, the long wand/handle of the blinds needs to be removed, so that just the top is left. That nub snaps into the device snugly, and the mechanics inside the Flipflic can now turn the controls of the window blinds. Using a phone app, you can program your blinds to open or close at certain times of the day, or they can also be set to react to sunlight, either shielding the home from harsh rays, or letting in lots of natural light during the day. This system is especially great for people who have limited mobility, so that they can control their shades without having to go to the windows. Flipflic_04   Another great feature is that the Flipflic runs on solar power. It comes with a solar panel that can be placed directly on the window, and connected directly to the device so that Flipflic runs completely on solar power. If the window is in the shade, that’s ok too. Flipflic will run for about 30 days without needing a charge. Flipflic is a truly beautiful device that is sleek and convenient. The team behind Flipflic is currently working on a device that can control blinds with string pulleys and controls. Maybe in a few years, we’ll never have to lift a finger to open the blinds at all. Full home automation is almost here. Video:  

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