Flio Laptop Stand

The Flio is a laptop stand so lightweight, you can take it anywhere. If you own a laptop, then you understand the struggle of trying to make yourself comfortable while working, playing or watching movies. Vlad Butucariu created the Flio laptop stand to be comfortable anywhere you take your laptop. flio-laptop-stand-03 This stand is sturdy enough to hold your laptop at a perfect height level, so you can sit straight without any effort. Not only does this stand reduce stress on your back, but it is portable to boot. But the Flio doesn’t stop there, being ergonomic, stable and able to keep your laptop cool by allowing air to travel through the holes. It can hold laptops with sizes ranging from 11’’ to 17’’. Additionally, it allows for easy typing. flio-laptop-stand-07 Made from environmentally friendly material, the stand can be adjusted to two different height levels. It can also effortlessly collapse, with each piece sticking together through magnets. Flio’s compact and foldable style mean you can carry it with your laptop bag and never worry about losing a single part. Butucariu even created a mini stand for phones. flio-laptop-stand-11 Along with being well-built, it can also be engraved. You can add your favorite inspirational quote or tweet, as long as it is 140 characters. Currently the back panel comes in two shapes—O and X—but they are working on more shapes. The creator is even involving the audience in the creation. Via Facebook, you can propose any other pattern—that fits the requirements—and the best ones will be collected for production. Video:

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