Flic: The Smart Button

Flic is a wireless smart button that will change the way you live. We all use our smartphones and different apps to make our everyday routines a little easier and more simple, and the Flic can even further increase the efficiency of these time-saving apps that are used for convenience. How can one little button manage to change they way you go about your everyday routine? Keep reading: Flic is a simple yet stylish button that allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite apps so that you don’t have to physically pull your phone out to use them. You can use your Flic button for virtually anything you use your smartphone for. This includes but it is not limited to, controlling your lights, playing music, sending distress signals, paging your phone when you misplace it, and even hitting snooze on your morning alarm. flic-wireless-button-4 Since you can create up to 3 new shortcuts per Flic, you’re able to centralize a number of your home’s daily functions into Flic buttons. For example, if you want to create a romantic ambiance by dimming your lights, you can program your Flic to do this when you double click it. You can turn on a movie by holding the button down for a few seconds, and turn off everything with one simple click. flic-wireless-button-3 Flic isn’t only for tech-savvy individuals- it’s insanely convenient and easy enough to use even for those who deem themselves technologically illiterate. This innovative wireless button introduces the convenience of a smartphone to those that aren’t exactly sure how to operate it. Sure, Flic can make your everyday life easier and more efficient. But it can also keep you safe: you’ll be able to share your GPS location with your family or friends if you happen to be out alone, and you can sound the alarm and send a message of distress should you get into an unfavorable situation. Flic is an essential safety tool, since many find it difficult to physically take their cell phones out much less use them when in a panic. With Flic, all you have to do is press it. flic-wireless-button-2 In addition to all these amazing features, Flic also uses Bluetooth technology, is available for up to a 150 feet range, and its battery can live up to 5 years. It’s also weather and dust resistant, and can be shared among multiple users. All of these functions can be utilized through one simple, stylish button. Why not revolutionize the way you go about your everyday life with Flic?

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