Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table

The Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table — designed by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor, a British luxury furniture maker — can expand to increase its size or collapse to decrease it, depending on your needs. The table design is based on another design by Robert Jupe who patented his version in 1835. Fletcher-Capstan-Expandable-Table-01 The expansion leaves are stored within the table and self position themselves as the table changes from one mode to another. The operation can be either manual or electric, both ways are easy and quick. The table top leaves are constructed from a layering system and have in their core a layer of aluminium honeycombs. This gives the table strength, rigidity, stability, and a low weight. Fletcher-Capstan-Expandable-Table-03 The circular table top is composed of thirteen self-stored elements and its circumference can be expanded by turning the top. The leaves rise and expand outwards when increasing the size and tuck under when the table is collapsing. When in the smaller size, the table has a round drum shape and can seat six people, when expanded it becomes flatter and can seat up to twelve people. Fletcher-Capstan-Expandable-Table-05 These tables are made from the finest hardwoods available: Teak, which is often used for marine use, Brazilian mahogany or European walnut, and more exotic materials such as rosewood, Macassar ebony, sycamore, a rare wood called koa from Hawaii, and another Hawaiian wood called Monkey Pod. Video:

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