Flatev: Artisan Tortilla Maker

The Flatev is designed specifically to meet the needs of every tortilla lover. It focuses on creating fresh, healthy, and instant tortillas at the push of a single button! Flatev has a diverse pod selection that allows users to choose between flour or corn tortillas, as well as individual flavours such as “spicy” or “cinnamon.” It’s completely customizable and easy to use. flatev-02 Inspired by the single-serve coffee maker, this design was also created to cut down on waste. Even better – the pods are filled with fresh, organic dough! They are non-GMO and don’t use artificial preservatives. The Flatev ensures that their freshly baked tortillas are of unparalleled quality. They are dedicated to their tortilla’s aroma, texture, flavour, thickness, and freshness. flatev-03 All in all, the Flatev is tasty, green, and convenient. The pods are recyclable and help user’s avoid the mess of baking, whilst delivering a perfect tortilla in seconds! There’s even a warming bay to keep the bread warm until needed! To purchase a Flatev today please follow them on Kickstarter, or visit their Website!  

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