Flat-Pack Lander Table

The Lander table, brought to you by Chicago-based design team Parsons & Charlesworth, uses simple geometry and an industrial-inspired colour scheme to make a modern addition to any living space. Designed for economical shipping and effortless assembly, the Lander table is flat-packed and easily snaps into place.


The Lander consists of sheet metal and bent rods to make up a lightweight, yet durable structure. The hexagonal top of the table connects to a stainless steel rod frame that can be quickly folded up to utilize more space. The geometric shape of the tabletop allows you to combine multiple tables and make up your own configuration for larger spaces.


The Lander comes in white, light green, and light blue, inspired by paint used on milling machines. The colour scheme compliments the modern steel framework for an overall eye-catching effect.


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