Flask: No Mess Coffee Press

Need a quick fix in the morning? Not especially a coffee or tea expert? No problem! FLASK has your back. FLASK is easy to use – it has a two chamber design and multiple filter options to suit your taste. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Dispose of the coffee grounds and tea leaves easily by shooting them straight into your waste bin. FLASK can brew up to 500ml – the perfect size to share with another person. The steps for use are easy: fill it will two scoops of coffee grounds, fill the chamber with water, and stir gently. Then, insert the piston and press down gently. Watch the coffee fill the bottom chamber! When you’re ready, simply pour the coffee out and into your favourite mug. The various filter options help you enjoy every cup. The Course Metal Filter is a French Press without the grit. The Fine Metal Filter is balanced and satisfying cup. The paper + metal filter mimics the effects of a paper filter to make for a clean-cut cup. FLASK was designed by Alpha Dominche that specializes in making brewing better for all. To learn more about FLASK, watch the video below!

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