FixIts: Mouldable Eco-plastic

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a quick fix for a product that suddenly breaks? It is extremely frustrating when you are able to think of the exact thing needed to fix the problem, but you don’t have access to that tool. FixIts provide an easy fix for almost all problems or broken items that you may encounter. Not only can they be used to fix items, they can also be used to create anything your mind can think of! The plastic can be reused many times to save products, and fix broken items. You can create virtually anything you can think of. The FixIts are made of eco-friendly plastic which is biodegradable. The FixIts are incredibly easy to use, allowing a quick fix for small problems and breaks. The sticks become soft and malleable after being placed in hot water. You can detach how much you need, then mold the plastic into whatever you want. These can be used to fix cables, create stands, make stamps or buttons, create labels, fix wobbly chairs, hold materials together, and anything else you can think of. The best part is after you’re finished using the molded plastic, you can reuse it by heating it in the hot water and remolding the shape. The FixIts currently come in three different colors; orange, black and white. There is also a special edition gold stick only available on their Kickstarter. These colors can be combined to create new shades and patterns. These sticks are a great household essential. They can be used for anything, and you can even construct your own creations just by molding the softened plastic. Get creative, and fix your problems with no hassle with these easy to use sticks!

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