FITT360: Neckband Wearable Camera

People are always looking for new ways to share their lives with their friends, family, and more, but it can be limited. Linkflow, inc. has created FITT360, designed to change that. The camera has a hands-free 360 degree camera to capture every moment! If you’re looking to capture a beautiful hike, to live stream a fun event, or even to just take a call, it’s never been easier. FITT360 wears like a backwards necklace around the user’s neck, and it’s light enough to make you forget it’s even there. It’s equipped with three cameras to capture all of your surroundings in beautiful quality that’s even VR-friendly. If you’re not loving the 360 route, you can choose to export it as 2k footage– it’s all up to you! The product is available in three different sizes and colours: red, white, or silver, to best represent you. It’s also water resistant, which means you’re free to take photo and video with you out to the lake. It’s heat-proof to maximize user comfort, shock-proof to ensure safety of the product, and is also GPS embedded. Other features include a 90-minute battery life as well as USB connection for easy uploading. To use the camera, you simply hit a button on the device to begin filming in HD. The result is an incredibly personal and immersive watching experience that’ll take you right back to your favourite moments, never to be forgotten again. Your audience has never experienced something quite like it, and you’ll be surprised at how little effort it takes! Stepping into others’ shoes has never been easier than with FITT360. If you’re interested in the product, check out its Kickstarter page here.

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